“Children’s” Cartoons: Part 2

29 05 2010

And now, for the thrilling conclusion to “Children’s” Cartoons! Click here for Part 1. Or, ya know, scroll down.

#3 Cow and Chicken

Cow and Chicken is yet another cartoon to utilize the foolproof formula of two anthropomorphic animals that are complete opposites. CatDog did it, The Angry Beavers did it, even Regis and Kelly did it. This one’s about a cow and chicken named – you guessed it- Cow and Chicken. They get into all kinds of crazy shenanigans and often end up facing off against their arch-nemesis, The Red Guy. This is as typical a children’s cartoon as you can find.

Until you take a closer look, that is. Take the eponymous stars, for example. Did I mention they’re a sister and brother? Well, they are. And their parents would appear to be human. Now, assuming a human woman could give birth to a cow and/or a chicken , that would seem to indicate that their mother might have been a little too experimental in college. For those of you who would argue that the kids could have been adopted, the theme song’s lyrics (“Momma had a chicken. Momma had a cow. Dad was proud. He didn’t care how.”) appear to suggest otherwise. Alright, alright, even with the implied bestiality/infidelity, that doesn’t make the parents too weird, does it? Well, they also seem to be mentally insane, gender-confused, and only existent from the waist down. Bit more dysfunctional now, eh? Perhaps I should elaborate.

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