Sudden Inspiration

10 02 2011

Well, I didn’t get much of a response following my last post, but honestly, I wasn’t really expecting anything. So don’t worry, I’m not mad at you, Internet. If you didn’t read my last post (It’s literally right below this one. Scroll down, you lazy bastard), I basically admitted that I have no idea what to write about anymore. But then I realized something. When I started this blog, I didn’t plan for it to be about anything specific. I didn’t just want to write movie reviews, or lists of inappropriate children’s programs, or recipes for the best apple pie you’ve ever shoved down your face.

This pie tastes like Elton John singing in your mouth and then slapping you for thinking you deserve it.

Right from the start, I had no idea what I wanted to write about. My writer’s block was nothing new. Hell, I only started this blog because some friends of mine started some of their very own. So I got to thinking, “If I want to have articles with random subject matter and a constant source of such matter, where should I look?” And it hit me. The answer had been right in front of my face the whole time, in the form of my second-most-visited website: StumbleUpon. (The first was facebook, if you couldn’t figure that out.)

So from now on, I’ll get my inspiration by Stumbling. I’ve already got something in mind for my next post, so it should be up in the next few days. I’ll still take requests or suggestions from anybody out there who has them, so feel free to send ’em my way.

You stay classy, Interwebz.


Twitter? TWITTER!? Twitter.

2 02 2011

Sooooo, I haven’t written anything on here in what some might call “a long time”. I can’t promise that this will change much anytime soon. However, for no discernible reason, I’ve made a Twitter account for this blog. Don’t get your hopes up; I don’t write much on there, either. But hey, if I get enough followers on the ole Twitbox, maybe I’ll feel obligated to start writing again. You can find me here:!/T_O_B_Tweets. If you’ve got any ideas for interesting articles, or for horribly offensive articles, or for articles that don’t really make any sense, send ’em my way, either here or on Twitter. If I’m bored enough, I just might turn your idea into a poor excuse for literature.

fail whale

Though this is just as likely.

So yeah, follow me, talk to me, give me some ideas. It’s not like I have anything better to do, people.