Arcade Fighting Games That Led to Two Disappointing Films Each But Could Be Potentially Rebooted in the Near Future

12 06 2010

If you took the time to read that whole title, you might be thinking that there can’t be too many perfect fits for that description. I can only think of two. Here they are.



Released in arcades in 1987, Street Fighter wasn’t the first side-view, one-on-one fighting game, but it was pretty much the first one that was any good. The game revolves around Ryu, a Japanese fighter who competes in an international martial arts tournament (presumably just because he can), and Ken, Ryu’s friend, rival, and carbon copy. As one of the two, the player fights 10 other martial artists, ending with a big burly man named Sagat, who, upon his defeat, announces the player as the “strongest Street Fighter in the world.”

Sagat is roughly 90% muscle, and 48% balls.

Apparently, the world didn’t get that memo, as a sequel, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, was released in 1991. Read the rest of this entry »


Reader Contributions

6 06 2010

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He knows what he did.

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————THAT ONE MOVIE REVIEW———— —-Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time—-

4 06 2010

EDIT: After months of inactivity, I came back and realized this particular article was pretty much crap. You can still read the whole thing by clicking the link below, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

I saw Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time the other day. Being a fan of the video game series who’s played and loved the big three (The Sands of Time, Warrior Within, and The Two Thrones) I came to the theater with some measure of anticipation, but also having heard some less than favorable reviews of the film beforehand, I didn’t go in with too much optimism. This review does contain SPOILERS for both the film and the games, so if you’ve not seen/played them but you plan to, be forewarned.

If you feel like punishing yourself, click here to read the whole damn thing.